Orlando Tile Regrouting


Tile Regrouting and Grout Sealing

Orlando Tile regroutingOur Orlando Tile Regrouting process also known as tile regrouting, regrouting tile, or grout repair, grout removal, grout replacement. It starts with removing the existing grout from your tile as shown and replacing it with new grout. Grout becomes tarnished and is difficult to clean without the proper equipment, so were here to help. Our effective technique is the best way to regrout. Our regrouting method improves the appearance of your countertop, shower stall, vanity, but also ensures a finish that will last for years.


The Regrouting Process


First, we assess whether you have sanded or non-sanded grout. If it is sanded grout there are other methods to clean, color and seal these grout joints such as grout coloring . (Rule of thumb- sanded grout can be cleaned, colored and sealed. Non-sanded grout can only be cleaned the best possible and sealed or regrouted and sealed)


To regrout we completely remove the existing grout with a rotary tool, which will remove the caulking. We prepare for new grout by cleaning the joints with acid wash. We determine the color, and when the new grout is installed we let it dry before we apply a sealer. We re-caulk all necessary areas and were done. Most jobs are finished in one day.